Sicko: Thank you, unknown reader

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ever since I saw Sicko, I’ve been very worked up, very passionate, about universal health care for America. I have that zeal that only a convert from the opposite view can possess.  A fire burns in me that is not caused by gonorrhea this time (which, incidentally, I think I could get cured for free in the USA, if I had it). I’ve been writing about it all week. Universal health care, not gonorrhea.

However, most people yesterday who found A Lesson A Day through a search were searching for something else except universal health care.


Almost everyone, that is, but one unknown, anonymous, beautiful, wonderful person who was searching for something else.  Thank you, unknown reader.  Thank you for searching for something besides the Sopranos.

I just wish it had been a search for universal health care. 🙂

I love everybody who comes here, ok? But.

The lesson of the day is You have to get your priorities straight.

One Response to “Sicko: Thank you, unknown reader”

  1. thomas tucker Says:

    You will love your universal health care when you don’t get the kind of time, effort and treatment that you expect now. And when doctors are emplyees so that they will unionize and go on the inevitable strike. It’s true that docotrs have an incentive to do more rather than less. But when they are employees, they will have an incentive to do less rather than more. It will take some getting to used to.

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