O is for OMG am I Obsessing on the Sopranos

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I’m writing this on Monday, the day after the night of the big Sopranos cut (not fade) to black. But I couldn’t post this until today because I am obviously following a vowel-based pattern with my blog post titles this week. Obsessive, huh?

Not as bad as I am with this thing:

I am majorly obsessing over the different analyses of the finale. I offered my simple explanation earlier, but there are some great other ones, like, it’s the viewer who got whacked.

I use the Time Tracker Firefox extension to see how much time I’m blowing on the net.

Look how much time I’ve spent on dissecting the meaning of the 10 seconds of black screen:


3 hours.

45 minutes.

42 seconds.

What have I gained? As they say in my old hometown, not a dayum thang.

What if I’d obsessed over something useful? What if I’d obsessed about producing something, rather than consuming something? David Chase didn’t come up with this brilliant episode by moving his mouse around the net for pictures of Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

He wrote it.

The lesson of the day is Produce more, consume less.

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