I is for your iPod can help your sex life

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I love me some Diggnation on my iPod.

I used to love it more. Now my love is fatigued from the drunken giggling and debates about vomit stains.

I listen to podcasts, including Diggnation, through my car stereo hooked in with an old-school aux adapter, the kind the new car commercials are touting as some new revolution in car stereoship. It’s a freaking 1/8″ input. Been around forever. Don’t be fooled.


On the last Diggnation, they discuss this story in Psychology Today about how SEMEN MAKES WOMEN HAPPY (oh thank you Psychology Today).

Before I picked her up, I paused the podcast at that story, so as we’re driving, I unpause it, real casual-like, and let it roll without comment.

After you’ve been around a while, you learn to get smooth like that. Women love to think things just “happen.” Like, fucking. “It just happened.”

I could tell she was interested in the story, but acted, of course, like Kevin and Alex were saying stupid shit about it. Which they were.

But you gotta let things simmer with women, don’t you? Don’t push. It’ll come when its ready.

And today, I get the first dirty email from her I’ve gotten in forever. She wants us to “catch up” on some things. Which, I translate to getting her freak on.

The lesson of the day is Good things tend to happen if you create circumstances to foster good things.

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