The Sopranos ending was brilliant, and everyone else is wrong

Monday, June 11, 2007

I’m seeing all the hate out there.

You haters best be stepping off.

Tony *was* whacked (is my theory). His death will parallel Phil’s death. Note that Phil was with a woman and two children at the time he was shot, as was Tony at the end.

Note that Meadow, the “good” one, wasn’t in the diner until the very last second. She was too busy trying to park *legally*–and that left an empty space by Tony so the dude could come out of the bathroom to kill him.

Did we need to see Tony get killed? No, we didn’t. We knew it happened. In film, that’s what happens to gangsters. Tony was doomed to die.

I’m assuming the wife and AJ got it, too, with Meadow being spared.

We didn’t see it, but, come on. We know.

5 Responses to “The Sopranos ending was brilliant, and everyone else is wrong”

  1. Luke Says:

    Hey m8

    Just watched the sopranos ending & thought it was really clever. Some say it was a big let down but if you watched it in the first series you will remember Tony & Phil in a boat & Tony makes the remark that “It all goes black when you die.”HINT HINT!!!!!!(it all went black!!) Also wjen someone walks into the diner a bell rings and you see the Person(s) entering from Tonys perspective…when Meadow walks in it imediatly goes black as Tony gets killed. Maybe the guy who walked into the bathroom had planted a bomb and was trying to get out via the bathroom……See ya late you confused people!!!!

    P.S. Theres also the slight chance that it was just a fucking shit ending and they all survived!!!!!!!

  2. RaymondAlginon Says:

    It was a shit ending. Flat out, hands down, nothing more to say. It almost ruined the whole series for me.

    And Luke. . .

    It was Tony and Bobby in the boat. If you can’t even get a scene right, try not to speak up ok?

    • Anonymous Says:

      Thank you bob. And Ray, you got it right. Basically stained entire series for me too. Where were all these “underlying elements” during the entire series? Crap ending, bottom line. Dont make us “guess”, just write a damn ending.

  3. bob Says:

    The ending blew. First him dying is stupid. He should out live all his enemies. Second, I don’t care about the underlying elements of the screen going black and all that crap. I watch tv so I don’t have to think. Show me the blood.

  4. jd yo Says:

    i got a big stinky bum bum cause i plopped in my pants when i saw the extendended version where tony pounds meadow in the head with his flesh extension. peace out yall, one love. imm wanna b italian sho badd!?!?!?!?!?

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